Compensation Consulting

Compensation & Benefit Solutions serves as a strategic partner to help leverage your organization’s compensation plans to achieve your long-term goals and objectives. CBS specializes in executive compensation, director compensation and all employee compensation plan design, retirement plan compliance and review, and strategic human resources advisory services. With vast industry expertise, CBS has the knowledge and experience to ensure that both your organization and your employees maximize the effectiveness of your compensation and benefits programs.


A Denver based compensation consulting firm, CBS has offices in Chicago, Houston and New York City serving clients across North America, Europe, Australia, Russia and South America.

For more information regarding our services or if you would like to discuss an issue your organization is facing, please feel free to Contact Us directly.

Download the 2016 Benefits Reference Guide

Each year Compensation & Benefit Solutions publishes a Benefits Reference Guide that contains helpful information on contribution & benefit limits and deadlines, IRA Contributions, Employee Stock Ownership Plans, and much more.

At Compensation & Benefit Solutions, we maintain our client relationships by providing timely and quality services at the highest level.
To ensure that we meet our high standards for quality consulting, we incorporate the following core values:

Passion, Flexibility, Respect, Open Communication, Teamwork.