Minimizing tax impact on compensation.


The goal of CBS’s compensation tax advisory services is to develop a strategy to maximize the effectiveness of your compensation program while minimizing the tax impact on both the employer and the employees.

Our team of compensation experts, tax professionals, CPAs, and legal experts will assist in assessing your current compensation programs and help you navigate through any taxation and regulatory issues that may arise. We strive to develop a thorough understanding of your business, people, operations, and culture. CBS can then review and/or design executive and broad-based plans that and will utilize our deep understanding of domestic and international tax environments to develop customized solutions that will enable your organization to achieve your desired goals and objectives.

Some of our compensation tax advisory services include a review of the following:

  • Internal Revenue Code section 162(m) $1M deduction limitations
  • Internal Revenue Code section 280G golden parachute analyses
  • Internal Revenue Code section 83 taxation issues
  • Internal Revenue Code section 409A deferred compensation rules
  • Internal Revenue Code section 422 (ISOs) and 423 (ESPPs) requirements

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