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At CBS, we understand the importance of providing executive compensation consulting to not-for-profit organizations. Such organizations still need to compete for talent, and with the increased risk to directors of non-profit boards, CBS works to ensure compensation awarded to certain executives is considered “reasonable.”

CBS partners with 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) not-for-profits with an assessment of the reasonableness of compensation that will enable the organization to be able to attract key talent and defend potential IRS inquiries that may affect the not-for-profit status. This while maintaining the organization’s mission and the efficient utilization of funding.The services we provide to not-for-profit organizations include:

  • Executive compensation design and strategy
  • Incentive plan design
  • Board governance surrounding compensation
  • Reasonableness of compensation determination
  • Deferred compensation and capital accumulation programs
  • Supplementary retirement income plan development
  • Succession planning

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