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Organizations have specific payroll requirements that are mandated by various local, state and federal governmental agencies. Payroll responsibilities include, but are not limited to, withholding amounts from your employees’ compensation to cover federal and state income tax, Social Security, Medicare, Federal Unemployment Tax Administration (“FUTA”) taxes, State Unemployment Tax Administration (“SUTA”) taxes and other payments. Payroll responsibilities also include the proper deduction and timely transmittal of 401(k) and cafeteria plan contributions.

Our payroll advisory services include:

  • Payroll compliance reviews
  • Audit assistance and penalty negotiation
  • Service provider selection
  • Common paymaster structures
  • Successor employer requirements
  • Payroll outsourcing
  • Payroll conversion, restructuring, or consolidating

CBS’s team of professionals specialize in statutory tax compliance and advisory services to assist your organization in meeting tax compliance requirements effectively and efficiently.

  • IRS Payroll Examination

    If you find yourself being subject to an IRS audit, rest assured knowing you are not alone. Our CBS team is made up of CPAs and attorneys who have the technical expertise and depth of knowledge to guide you through the examination process, ensuring the necessary steps are being taken along the way to make the audit process as seamless as possible.

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  • Payroll Error Corrections

    Occasionally companies may simply forget to process something or make a change as part of your normal payroll administration run. CBS has vast expertise in payroll correction services for companies of all sizes. Our team will partner with you to identify any payroll underpayment, overpayment, or tax withholding issues, and provide solutions for corrections. We will also work with you to develop policies and procedures to ensure that the issues are not repeatable.

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