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Let’s face it, receiving notice of an IRS audit or DOL investigation related to your employee benefit plan (including retirement, executive compensation, and health and welfare plans) can be intimidating. In our experience, plan sponsors are typically caught unaware and off-guard. We frequently represent our clients to alleviate the daunting task of working through the process. During an examination, we look at the operation of our clients’ plans to identify process improvements that align industry best practices and improve operational efficiencies going forward.

Our services include:

  • Supporting and assisting our clients with each phase of the examination (audit), inclusive of the data gathering and preparation phase, which is a key factor in a positive audit or examination outcome.
  • Reviewing the requested items in advance, identifying any potential issues and developing a plan of action prior to providing information to the agent. This ensures an internal discovery of any potential issues as opposed to the agent discovering them.
  • Handling all correspondence and communication with the IRS or DOL, such as responding to initial and subsequent information data requests.
  • Assisting with correction calculations, if required.

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