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As a plan sponsor, you have a responsibility to ensure that plan costs are reasonable and that the plan is receiving appropriate services for the fees it is paying. We can assist you in fulfilling this responsibility by evaluating the services being provided, and fees being charged, by the plan’s recordkeeper, investment advisor, and auditor through periodic due diligence requests for information (RFIs) or requests for proposal (RFPs).

Our vendor search and evaluation processes are designed to save money while increasing plan services. We can also help reduce your liability and supplement the expertise necessary to appropriately evaluate vendor proposals. CBS’s comprehensive selection process typically results in reductions to both employer and participant costs, increased services reflecting industry ‘best practices,’ and an enhanced experience for both participants and plan sponsors. In addition, the documentation we provide will reduce your fiduciary liability by ensuring that you can respond to questions from regulators or third party inquiries with objective, non-affiliated, and independently prepared evidence to support your decision.

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